• Big Green Egg
    Big Green Egg

    Leisure Distributors is the third largest distributor of Big Green Egg products in the US. Zero Echo has partnered with Leisure Distributors to create extensive, award-winning promotional materials, both for themselves and for the individual retail outlets.
    The latest creation is a television campaign entitled “3 Course Combo”, in which the viewer believes they are seeing a restaurant commercial, it is then revealed that all the food is prepared on a Big Green Egg.
    This campaign is playing in various markets throughout the US.

  • Dean Bosler's
    Dean Bosler's

    Dean Bosler’s Furniture and Mattress Showrooms has been selling high quality furnishing since 1976. Zero Echo has developed a great partnership with Dean Bosler’s agency of record.
    From the monthly Television commercials to the occasional branded web content and plenty of pieces in between, Zero Echo continually helps define the Dean Bosler brand with high quality creative services.

  • House of Bluez
    House of Bluez

    Jodi Merrick had a vision of opening a premium denim boutique called House of Bluez and in 2007 she partnered with Zero Echo to help turn her dreams into reality.
    From developing the brand, assisting with design aspects of the store itself: everything from wall colors, lighting, audio/video components, and even point of sale, Zero Echo worked hand in hand with House of Bluez.
    Marketing the first of it’s kind boutique in a city is quite a challenge, but add in the additional effects of the economy and it becomes somewhat scary. Zero Echo continually implements unique techniques to keep the brand in the relevant in a challenging market.

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